Morgan Hagar

Creating story-telling images that exude beauty and sophistication is my passion. I received a BA in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography and have been making photographs for about 20 years. I've been a staff photographer for a daily, a photo editor for a weekly and a freelance documentary photographer. Over the years my commercial clients have appreciated my dependability, knack for problem solving, easy-going nature and ability to translate their needs into engaging images.

I was born in California and grew up in Texas. I moved back to California for college and gained the best wife ever. We spent a bit of time in Colorado before heading back to California with twins in tow. I've walked the Earth for over 40 years. I've seen some things and I've done some things along the way and here are some of the lessons I've learned... 

...on the career side.

Copy Consultant, Kinko's: Where I gained the love of printing and learned to recognize the importance of attention to detail.

Zine Publisher: Where I learned that having good people around you makes all the difference.

Staff Photographer, Santa Barbara News-Press: Where I learned the importance of hitting deadlines and telling stories with images.

Photo Assistant: Where I learned to see light, take direction and play well with others.

Documentary Photographer: Where I learned that truth and authenticity reign supreme and where working hard can net the kind of big payouts that have nothing to do with money.

...on the personal side.

Only Child: Where I learned how to bare the responsibility of my own actions because I didn't have a choice.

• Drummer: Where I learned how wonderful it is to lose yourself in what you're doing.

College: Where I learned the technique of photography, how to fall in love and the necessity of road trips.

Father: Where I learned the art of lion-taming and the importance of always having wipes around.

• Husband: Where I've learned that while making yourself happy is good, often times making someone else happy is better.

1st Camera

Mr.T piggy bank from my 9th birthday

Live recording of former band

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